Tulsa’s Bob Dylan Center expected to open in 2021

The Bob Dylan Center is making progress in the Tulsa Arts District.

The Dylan Center will allow the general public to interact with some materials in The Bob Dylan Archive, a collection also housed in Tulsa open only to qualified researchers.

What Bob Dylan thinks about the center

In 2016, Dylan cited the Woody Guthrie Center, which the Kaiser foundation established in 2013 after acquiring the archives of the influential folk songwriter, as one of the reasons he chose Tulsa for his own archives.

(Pictured) Bob Dylan’s handwritten 1964 manuscript for “Chimes of Freedom” is among the earliest pieces in The Bob Dylan Archive collection.

Here’s a roll call of other current and prospective music attractions

The Oklahoma Museum of Popular Culture (OKPOP) will shine a light on Oklahoma creatives who impacted pop culture, music artists included. OKPOP will be constructed across the street from a pre-existing music attraction, Cain’s Ballroom.

The Woody Guthrie Center in Tulsa’s Arts District opened in 2013. Tulsa’s George Kaiser Family Foundation purchased the comprehensive Woody Guthrie Archives in 2011. The center spotlights artists other than just the namesake. A John Lee Hooker exhibit is on display now. Marty Stuart and John Mellencamp were among music figures spotlighted in past exhibits. An Arlo Guthrie exhibit is on the horizon.

The Church Studio, the historic HQ of Leon Russell’s Shelter Records, could open along the growing Studio Row in the Pearl District in 10-12 months. The Church Studio Archive will be showcased in rotating exhibits. Plans include indoor and outdoor music performances, art exhibits, book signings and music education and apprenticeship programs.

“It’s definitely a music lover’s destination honoring our musical past while engaging a new generation,” owner Teresa Knox said.

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