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TULSA, Oklahoma – We’re just days away from the ribbon cutting for the new Outsiders Museum in Tulsa. It’s the latest milestone in a labor of love by musician Danny Boy O’Connor who has restored a beloved Tulsa landmark.

Rapper Danny Boy O’Connor said he was in Tulsa playing at the Cain’s Ballroom when he realized Tulsa was the home of his favorite movie “The Outsiders,” based on the extremely popular book coming-of-age novel by S.E. Hinton.

He started looking for the locations from the film and found the park, the drive-in theater and the home the Curtis brothers lived. The home was for sale, and he became worried it would be destroyed.

That’s when he found the project that would take up the next few years and cause him to fall in love with his new hometown.

“It chose me,” he said.

It was a project he thought would be done in a few months but took several years.

“We had to completely restore every part of the house,” he said.

O’Connor said he meets people every day whose lives have been influenced by “The Outsiders.” Now he’s started a group called the Delta Bravo Urban Exploration team that seeks to preserve culturally relevant film sites.

The ribbon cutting for The Outsiders House Museum is Friday, Aug. 9th. There are still some tickets available for tours with star C. Thomas Howell.