Raising Cain – Tulsa’s Legendary Ballroom in New Documentary

Minerva Productions and Raisin’ Cain Productions are in the process of making a musical documentary about Tulsa, Oklahoma’s legendary musical venue, Cain’s Ballroom. Featuring Arlo Guthrie, Elvis Costello, Kings of Leon, Wanda Jackson and over 50 others, this film captures the history of a place that every great musician knows and loves. The producersare in the process of raising final funds ($50,000) to complete the film via Indiegogo and have extended their deadline to November 24th.

Raisin’ Cain: The History of Cain’s Ballroom, tells the definitive history of Cain’s from its beginnings as Tulsa founder Tate Brady’s car garage, the taxi-dance era of the Louvre into Madison ‘Big Daddy Cain’s, Academy of Dance and as it’s known today, Cain’s Ballroom, “The Home of Bob Willis” or “The House that Bob Built.” Produced by Golden Globe winning producers of The Kids Are All Right, Anne O’Shea and Brian Quattrini (Minerva Productions,) Raisin’ Cainwill highlight the different genres that have been prevalent throughout the years on the Cain’s stage from the Western Swing of Bob and Johnnie Lee Wills, the original country greats, rockabilly, space-cowboy era, The Tulsa Sound, which Cain’s served as an incubator for, into the punk, new-wave, heavy metal, industrial as well as today’s biggest touring acts. The story is told by artists who have all graced the stage as well as music historians, owners, managers/workers, locals and others.

In order to bring this film to fruition, the team needs your help to raise $50,000 by November 4th. A crowdfunding campaign has been organized through Indiegogo.

Source: https://www.mixonline.com/the-wire/raising-cain-tulsas-legendary-ballroom-new-documentary-428686