Pop culture: Jack White (he said he has a home here) explains why he loves Tulsa

When Jack White performs an outdoor concert Sept. 17 at ONEOK Field, it will be sort of a homecoming.


White grew up in Detroit. Now, he’s based out of Nashville. But, if you remember, there were web rumors circulating about a year ago that he has a residence here.


“Yeah. That is very true. I love Tulsa, man,” White said. “I do have a home (in Tulsa). I really love it. It’s a nice place for me to just experience a part of America that I think is incredibly beautiful.”

Asked if he spends any time in the Tulsa home, he said, “Sometimes. Sometimes, I do. I wouldn’t have mentioned if you hadn’t asked, but since you asked…”

White was asked the question at the end of a recent phone interview to promote the upcoming show in Tulsa. From that interview will come a longer story that will be published closer to the show date.

White said during the interview that Cain’s Ballroom is one of his favorite places to play in the world — if not “the” favorite. The historic downtown music venue is one of many reasons why he loves Tulsa.

“The first day I came into town, just looking at it, I was really upset that nobody had ever told me about Tulsa,” he said.

“I walked into Cain’s Ballroom, and I basically almost fired my booking agent the moment I walked into that room. Why do I not know about this place? Why have I never been booked here? Why have you never even mentioned this? It was one of the most beautiful places I had ever seen. And the vibe when we played the show, it was just incredible.

“And just to walk around town, it felt so peaceful. And then, lastly, most of all, the art deco architecture of the town was really, really impressive. It just seemed like a town where you wouldn’t expect to see that, how far it is away from everywhere else in the country. To see that kind of art deco influences around town everywhere, it’s beautiful. And I love S.E. Hinton and the Coppola films that were filmed there. There is just so much I love about Tulsa.”


Source:  https://www.tulsaworld.com/scene/blogs/popculture/pop-culture-jack-white-he-said-he-has-a-home/article_2719bb3b-1118-5f5f-b4e1-3229c4e972e1.html